What is C.U.P.P.

Carpenters Union Participation Program (CUPP)

Blue cup Local 1946 is launching the Carpenters Union Participation Program (CUPP). The purpose of this program is to encourage volunteering within our own communities. Full participation by all of our brothers and sisters would generate hundreds of hours manpower in the communities where we live and work.

CUPP is designed to encourage members to use their creativity, skills and resources to show our communities the Union Difference. CUPP is aimed at measurable changes: an impact neighbours, developers, contractors and elected officials can see. The move visible Union Carpenters are as the fabric of the community, the more likely the community and officials are to realize the benefits and advantages of Union Carpenters.

The more involved we are in our communities the stronger we build our Union and grow our market share, and the more able we are to recruit like-minded individuals whose focus is on growing and sustaining our trades.

"By being more visible and engaged, we're not just building communities and highways, we're building our brand," said EST Langford of the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters. "This will lead to a larger market share, more steady work, better, contracts through collective bargaining, and solidify our place at the table."