What is CUPP?

CUPP is the Carpenters Union Participation Program – a local effort to make a difference in our local communities. It's a commitment to improving the neighborhoods where we live and work, and a willingness to participate in Union Events. But it's also a commitment to ourselves and making the Union stronger. Union carpenters act with integrity – on the job site and in our lives.

We aim for 100% participation in this program. When we say we want to make a difference, we mean we want to harness our collective power to make sure our cities are places where working families can thrive.

Why is the Union doing CUPP?

Participating in volunteer community activities is simply the right thing to do. Whether attending a city council meeting, building a ramp at a vet's home, fixing a sidewalk for elderly folks, helping out with union functions or framing a house for Habitat for Humanity, we carpenters can leverage our amazing skills to make a difference in people's lives.

Ultimately, though, more involvement helps build a stronger Union and will grow our market share. It's proof that we are more powerful together.

Why should you participate?

Because the more visible union carpenters are as the fabric of our communities, the more developers, elected officials, and other decision makers will understand that we deserve to work close to home for fair wages and benefits. By being more visible and engaged, we're not just building communities and highways, we're building our brand and showing our integrity and commitment to the public good. This will lead to a larger market share, more steady work, better contracts through collective bargaining, and solidify our place at the table.

There are a million other reasons to want to give back in our communities, too. You gain the experience of working with your Union brothers and sisters on projects in your neighborhood that directly benefit your neighbors. A project may inspire you to get more involved in local politics, or at schools, or the community library.

But it's not all about others. Volunteering helps you get a different perspective on yourself. You may be challenged in ways you would not have imagined. And you will feel accomplished in ways you may not be able to measure in words.

What else do I get out of CUPP?

CUPP will have exclusive swag only available to CUPP members and volunteers.

All hours worked/volunteered will be credited to apprentices.

How can you participate?

Contact your CUPP Administrator laura@local1946.ca and get started today!